Syncing Your Brand Strategy with your digital marketing


Every touchpoint for the consumer should support your brand and increase the loyalty of your customers. Let’s start with a strategic planning session that clarifies what industry you are actually in, looks at your competition, reviews external trends, highlights internal capabilities, adjusts marketing tactics and refines your budgets.



Let’s get back to basics: What are you selling and how can we increase sales?

  • Product Mix
  • Price Points
  • Customer Service Practices
  • New Product Rollouts
  • Amazon Product Strategies

SEM and SEO Activity


Together we will assess the strength of your positions in the search engines, both paid and natural, using external tools.

  • Media Costs and SERP rankings
  • Landing Page Review
  • Competitive analysis

Affiliates and Referrals


How long has it been since you had time to review the affiliates in your network? Let’s take a look :

  • Current affiliate activity
  • Opportunity assessment for new affiliates
  • Competitive analysis
  • Promotional Planning

Platform Performance


Let our fresh eyes uncover new stories in your metrics and leverage the opportunities we see.

  • Drop off analysis
  • Browse-to-buy ratios
  • Usability overview
  • Email marketing review